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It was such a pleasure to work with Maddy. As of 2022, she is Cancer free :)
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Eniola is the Director and Founder of Nuola Wigs Limited. She’s a former model and Chemistry graduate who has turned her hand to becoming a creative wigmaker. Her lifelong passion for fashion and beauty led to her mission of enhancing natural beauty through hair. When we feel confident about our hair, we’re empowered to chase our dreams.


Nuola wigs Limited is one of the UK’s leading wig companies, specialising in human hair wigs that are professionally coloured. Our goal is to create the most realistic looking wigs with hairlines that offer a seamless look. Every Nuola wig is created in the UK using high-quality materials for a premium finish.

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The Journey to Nuola wigs

Nuola’s story is a personal one.


In April 2013, I decided to go natural with my hair. I was going to allow it to grow out into its natural state. Before then, I had put my hair through daily stresses with hot tools, clip-ins, and extensions. With all that damage to my hair, I took the plunge and cut it all off.


It was a difficult decision as it would be the first time I had worn my hair naturally. We’ve all heard the cliché, “change the hair, change the woman”. It isn’t always an easy change. In the beginning, I wasn’t comfortable going out in public with little to no hair. I wasn’t sure how to style or maintain it.


Before then, I had never thought of wearing a wig. They just didn’t seem like something I would ever wear. In a bid to feel more confident in my own skin, I started to finally experiment with wigs.


Flash forward to 2016, and I had just given birth to my second child. Like most post-partum mothers, my hair started to shed – a lot. It got even worse after baby number 3. I would wake up to bundles of hair sitting on my pillow.


When the shedding became too much, I cut my hair again. By the time I had my fourth child, I learned that I suffered from post-partum hair loss – a condition that typically starts five months after childbirth.


Throughout this journey, wigs have become a way of restoring my confidence and empowering myself. Post-partum hair loss is only one of the dozens of conditions that lead to hair loss. I know the power first-hand of a wig to change your outlook on life by helping you put your best foot forward.

How We Work

At Nuola Wigs, our flagship store is in Canterbury, Kent. Our team is made up of 8 talented staff members, from customer service assistants to hairstylists and wig makers. We offer a consultation service in our Canterbury store and virtual consultation anywhere you are in the world.


Our wigs are designed for anyone especially for those suffering from partial or complete hair loss, whether it’s age-related or the side effects of a medical condition. We’ve designed each wig with comfort in mind, giving you the freedom to wear them with or without glue as a lightweight hair loss solution.


What makes Nuola Wigs different is that we have our finger on the pulse of the latest hair trends. Wigs shouldn’t have to be boring. We incorporate the latest colour techniques into our designs, from balayage to babylight, colour melt, and highlights.


We love to work with clients to help them create their dream wig that is their ultimate match. Our wigs can be customised to a specific colour or style with the option of personalised sizing for the perfect fit.


We’re fortunate that the Nuola Wigs community is growing every day. Our Instagram and TikTok pages have over 140,000 and 130,000 followers respectively. We’re building a community of like-minded women with a goal of empowerment through education.

Wigs for Medical Hair loss

At Nuola Wigs, we use 100% human hair hand-tied on a breathable lace cap for our wigs. These features allow us to create a customised hairline that offers clients the most natural-looking finish with the illusion of a real scalp. Our wigs are designed to fit like a second skin.


As our community grows, we’re inspired to make every customer feel valued. Our goal is to create realistic wigs for those suffering from medical hair loss.


We offer a 10% discount and VAT discount (20% off) for any wigs purchased by customers suffering from hair loss as the result of a medical condition, such as alopecia or chemotherapy. Customers outside the UK will not be charged VAT. You can find out more about our VAT relief here.


As a brand that specialises in wigs to help with medical hair loss, we’re committed to giving back to our community. We donate a wig monthly to young girls suffering from medical hair loss because we understand the many challenges that hairloss can cause . You can follow our donations on our @nuolawigsdonation Instagram page. To find out more please email


As part of our giveback initiative, we offer 15% off all wigs for girls under 18 who are purchasing a wig for medical hair loss.


Do you want inspiration for starting your journey with Nuola Wigs? Start here!

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