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Eniola is the owner and creator of Nuolawigs UK. A Wigmaker in London, Eniola is also a Graduate MPhil Chemistry Student from Durham University and also a previous aspiring Model.  She has always been interested in fashion and beauty and since a very young age, Eniola has always had a strong passion for enhancing beauty through hair.


Nuolawigs UK is a trusted wig company with the sole purpose of creating beautiful, trendy human hair wigs that are realistic looking with a natural hairline and glue-less for its clients. All our Wigs are beautifully created in the UK

The inspiration to make wigs....

In April 2013, I decided to go natural. This meant I completely stopped applying chemicals and heat onto my hair and let it grow out in its natural state as I had lost alot of hair. My hair had been chemically treated and had gone through a lot of abuse from applying weaves, heat, clips, glues and chemicals. So I cut off all my hair and allowed it to grow out in its natural state. The decision was very difficult for me because I had never worn my hair in its natural state so I didn't know how I could maintain or style it and was very paranoid about my change of look. At first I didn't like it and I wasn't comfortable going out with little or no hair so I started making and wearing wigs. I would have never thought of  wearing a wig because I just didn't like the way they looked so un-natural and very ''wiggy'.


All I required to get started was a wig cap, a needle and of-course the hair!! I had tried making a few different wigs and with each one, I was able to perfect my skills with the main goal of creating a wig that looked as realistic as possible. As I began getting comfortable making them , I started to make for my family and friends for free. I loved seeing the transformation of beauty in them and was encouraged by them to make more for purpose of sale. 

Now with up to 6 years experience , Nuolawigs UK has grown rapidly with clients all over the world which we have been able to reach mainly via our Instagram page which has over 29,000 organic followers. We offer the perfect solution for wig wearers with partial or complete hair-loss. Our wigs are made to be worn without glue, they are light weight and offer great comfort.

We are experts at creating modern wigs that are coloured and styled within the latest trends inspired using colour techniques such as Balayage, Highlights, Colour melt, Babylight, Ombre etc So whether you have a custom style or colour in mind or you have head size different to others, we can help you create your dream human hair wig that will fit perfectly for you.

Our human hair wigs are made with 100% Human hair that is Hand tied onto a breathable lace cap that is designed to meet your needs with a customised hairline which is natural looking and gives the illusion of real scalp.


As Nuolawigs UK continues to grow, we plan to do our best to make sure that every single customer feels valued and satisfied. Our main goal is to continue to create beautiful realistic wigs especially for people who suffer medical hair loss who have lost confident but want to still feel beautiful. We offer a 10% discount on wigs purchased if you suffer hair loss due to any medical reason eg Alopecia, loss of hair due to Chemotherapy etc.. Just email us before purchase to get a discount code :) UK and EU buyers who suffer medical hair-loss can also purchase our human hair wigs without paying VAT. Please see link

We are always happy to hear from our clients so please get in touch if any queries before your order :)

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