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Full Lace vs Front Lace

Please note *Both our Full Lace and Frontal Lace Wigs will provide the illusion of a natural hairline.*

Full Lace Wigs

Full lace wigs have a base that is made fully with lace (Image A). This makes them more versatile. Hence they can be parted anywhere on the lace (even at the back of the head) (Video A) and can be worn up in a high bun. *Please note that the inside cap of some of our wigs might have some dye stains in them. This is because they are coloured by us *

*Image A*

*Video A*

Frontal lace wigs

Our Front lace wigs have lace only in the front part of the wigs that goes 4” back in the middle area (Image 1) They also have the same realistic hairline as a full lace. The only difference is that just over half of the cap is wefted (Image 2). Although frontal wigs can only be parted anywhere just at the front,(Video 1) they are great because they are usually more thicker in volume on the ends of the wigs.

*Image 1*

*Image 2*

*Video 1*

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